• July 16th, 2019
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Boxing board threatens to sue Kinda Promotions ...'I will not apologise’ - Nangolo

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Sport, Sports

Otniel Hembapu Windhoek-The Namibia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board (NPBWCB) has threatened to sue Kinda Nangolo of Kinda Promotions for alleged defamation of character and for publicly making derogatory comments about NPBWCB. In a letter dated 20 September 2017, NPBWCB through its lawyers Metcalfe Attorneys threatened to take legal action against boxing promoter Nangolo for defamation of character and further instructed the promoter to tender a public apology on or before "31 September". In its instructions, NPBWCB said Nangolo must “formally apologise to our client in the format attached to this letter. The said apology must be published: Once in the Republikein newspaper (1 x advertisement), once in The Namibian newspaper (1 x advertisement), once in the Villager newspaper (1 x advertisement) and a cut-out of the two published apologies must be submitted to our offices on or before 31 September 2017,” reads the letter from Metcalfe Attorneys issued on the instructions of NPBWCB. The letter further says: “Our client reserves their right to take legal action against you for defamation of character in the High Court of Namibia, in the event that you fail to comply with our demand in respect of the aforementioned formal apology to our client. Our client is desirous to restore its good name and resolve this matter amicably and therefore provide you with an opportunity to formally apologise. Should you, however, fail to heed this demand, we hold instructions to institute further legal action against you, including interdictory relief in the High Court of Namibia, for which costs you shall be held liable.” Part of the letter’s summary accuses Nangolo of making derogatory remarks published in the weekly Villager newspaper dated 17-23 March 2017, where Nangolo allegedly labelled the NPBWCB board members “Botsotsoz from the streets”. He also allegedly accused the board of “having messed up with my boxers and they want to destroy our relationships” and “they are trying to actually destroy everything including the sponsors”. Contacted for comment late yesterday, Nangolo confirmed that he has received the letter from NPBWCB lawyers. However, he made it clear that he will not apologise for remarks he made about the board, as instructed by NPBWCB, saying the board is trying to play games as they perfectly know the remarks were directed to NPBWCB’s board chairperson, Ellison Hijarunguru, who apparently owes Nangolo money. “My remarks were made to Hijarunguru and not NPBWCB as an entity, so why should I apologise? The man (Hijarunguru) owes me money and he knows it, why is he now hiding behind the board? He ate my money, my boxers suffered as a result, and now he has the audacity to tell to me to publicly apologise. I will not do that and, in fact, my lawyers are busy with the matter,” said Nangolo. Nangolo claimed Hijarunguru owes him money (which New Era Sport understands is in the region of N$80 000) and he refuses to pay up despite several attempts by Nangolo to make him honour his obligation. Nangolo claimed the money was meant for one of his boxing bonanzas but it never fulfilled its intended purpose as Hijarunguru ‘ate’ it. Although Nangolo could not confirm, New Era Sport understands that the two gentlemen reached an informal agreement to allegedly advance the board’s money to Hijarunguru in a form of a ‘soft loan’ between two gentlemen, with Hijarunguru promising to allow the bonanza to go ahead while he found a way to pay up later. [caption id="attachment_119240" align="alignnone" width="300"] WINDHOEK, 27 June 2014 - Ellison Hijarunguru, the current advisor to the Erongo Regional Governor, delivers the message on behalf of Ennesia Riruako during the memorial service of her late husband, Paramount Chief of the OvaHerero Traditional Authority and President of the National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO) Kuaima Riruako at Parliament Garden on Friday. Riruako, 79, died on 02 June 2014 in the Roman Catholic Private Hospital from high blood presure. (Photo by: Joseph Nekaya) NAMPA[/caption]
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2017-09-28 11:45:17 1 years ago

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