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Budding musician living the dream

2021-06-25  Festus Hamalwa

Budding musician living the dream

Jeremiah Mbili Mushunina lives his dream of making music to inspire youngsters in society. 

The Omafo-based singer, songwriter told VIBEZ! His music educates people and he wants to be the reason why someone is educated and inspired by music. 

“I love listening to local and international music and whenever I am alone, music keeps me company,” he said.

Mushunina started making music in 2018 when he was doing his Grade 10 at Namcol in Eenhana. His music is focused on Hip Hop and Afro-Pop, and he has thus far released five albums.

The youngster believes in himself and thanks God for the talent he has in the music industry.

“I have inspired those who have given up. My songs changed people’s lives by listening to them, so I want to be the reason why someone is doing something productive today,” he explained.

Mushunina has performed at many events in the north, including the Eenhana Expo, and was an Afro-Pop category winner in 2019 Helao Nafidi Trade Fair.

“I failed Grade 10 and I decided to follow my dream, so I became a musician. I love singing, which is the reason why I am the best artist in the north today,” he said.

He believes music drives people, while helping some to heal and to be at peace, which according to him is the main reason why he got into music.

“The Namibian music industry is simple and easy to make it out, you just need to be creative and persistent on giving out enough music,” he stated.

Mushunina, who strives to be the greatest artist of all times, say many dreams are dying because there is no support, “therefore, we need to seek assistance so that our dreams will come true, and let’s have faith no matter what challenges we may encounter”.

He added that he got inspired by local musicians like Gazza and Tate Buti.

“Go through challenges to gain power. Challenges are there to make us strong. Therefore, we should not give up. Use your talent to inspire people, stay true to yourself and be motivated,” he advised.

2021-06-25  Festus Hamalwa

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