• August 13th, 2020

Bukalo allocates over 100 residential plots

Bukalo Village Council has approved has the sale of single residential immovable properties or plots to various private developers.
The village council CEO, Martin Limbo, highlighted that about 101 plots at Bukalo Extension will be developed by First Capital Home Loans.   

A total number of 15 plots will be developed by PD Bricks, while Algo Trading cc will develop eight plots in the same area.
Bukalo currently has 407 serviced plots, of which about 209 are allocated through lease of public-private partnerships and private treaties. 
Limbo also confirmed council is due to finalise some lease agreements to operate from the right wing of the municipal office block. These include Standard Bank Namibia, which is set to open a banking services branch on lease from council building. Council will also see the establishment of the banking facility will employ members of the public.                                               

Limbo mentioned that council approved the establishment of a NaTIS one-stop vehicle by the Roads Authority (RA).
Registration and licensing services will also be on lease and memorandum of agreement (MoU) with council.
RA CEO Conrad Lutombi welcomed the move by council and promised to submit a formal request to the ministry of works and transport for approval of the Bukalo registering authority, as well as the proposed vehicle registration.
Other development projects include a shopping mall, where council had allocated 15 hectares of land initially towards the construction of the Zambezi Private University and Bukalo academy under the institutional zoning to First Capital.                                                                            Bukalo will also have a service station, private hospital and other developments at a total cost of more than N$78 million. 
Capital projects that have been commissioned and are currently underway include the construction of the multi-million Dollar Bukalo open market-Phase 2.

The Bukalo Open Market is funded by the Local Economic Development Agency (LEDA) under the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, and Phase 1 of the project was already accomplished in September 2016. 
The project is budgeted for an amount of N$4.5 million. Phase 1 alone already costed N$2.5 million at inception. 
“Council’s procurement management committee has thus appointed J&M Investments after successfully winning the bid at N$3.73 million. The appointment was done on 23 March 2020 and the site was handed over to the contractor on, 27 March 2020 who has since started with site clearing and site establishment,” Limbo revealed. 

The committee has also commissioned the investigation of the oxidation sewerage ponds, and the exercise would begin in July 2020 at an estimated cost of N$3.1 million.

Another proposal has been approved through the committee for the installation of 16 robots or traffic lights at the four intersections in the middle of Bukalo Proper en-route to Kabbe Road at an estimated cost of N$800 000.
Council also approved the construction of the meat processing plant at Bukalo on a five-hectare plot, which would see the establishment of a dry meat processor, meat boilers and other meat products. 
The project is estimated at a value of more than N$145 million and will also include the construction of staff housing, administrative block and sewerage system which would carter for the effluent of animal dung and animal discharges from processed meat, outside of the current Bukalo oxidation sewerage network. 
– anakale@nepc.com.na


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