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Career identification challenges in Namibia

2020-03-16  Staff Reporter

Career identification challenges in Namibia

Erasmus Endjala 

Deciding on which career path to follow after high school is not always easy for everyone. People may encounter challenges when deciding or identifying a career path they wish to follow.
 Here are a few challenges you might face. 

Identification of interest 
A lot of people don’t know what their interest is in. If you didn’t yet identify what you are interested in doing or you don’t know what you are passionate about, it will be very challenging. Sometimes you need to take a break from books to find out what you are good at, that’s why some people take a gap year after completing high school. For example, if you like watching programs about taking care of animals and you read a lot about caring for animals, then you can consider becoming a veterinarian (vet). It’s important that you find out what you are interested in, that way you’ll perform better when you are studying something you enjoy.

Lack of self-motivation
Self-motivation is very important when doing something, especially when making decisions such as choosing or identifying your career. It’s a skill that plays a very important role in our lives. The majority of people, specifically the youth, are discouraged by friends or any other people that the career they want to follow “is difficult, many end up failing, you won’t get a job, etc”. After hearing all those comments, they end up changing their mind because they think they are not capable and mainly because they aren’t self-motivated. Stop waiting for someone to tell you whether you can do it or not, yes, some people need that little encouragement but it should mostly come from within you. Research whether what people are saying is true. If you feel that you won’t do well in a specific career, it’s best you think of another one and not regret it later.
Lack of research

Researching doing something is very helpful. This will provide you with new information so that you know what to expect before doing anything. Researching careers you are interested in will provide you with important information, such as requirements. For many once they are told a little bit of information regarding the career they have in mind, they don’t do further research, which is not good. Find out how long the course will be, how much it will cost you, what subjects you need to be good at and the type of job you could get after graduating. Don’t choose a career you don’t know much about. On the other hand people from areas where there isn’t access to internet can at least ask different people and read books that have to do with career guidance, and don’t forget to ask your teachers.

Identification of subjects best performed in
In my opinion choosing a career based on the subjects you best perform in is one of the best ways to decide on your career. For instance, if you are good at math and biology, thinking of becoming a doctor is ideal for you. Some people don’t identify the subjects they are good at – choose a career that is related to subjects or things you good at. Some people end up giving up and decide on doing something else because they chose a career that requires subjects they really struggled with in school or they just can’t cope with the amount of work. This also goes back to when learners were required to choose a field they wish to follow (science, commerce, social science, etc). Some people chose science although their interest is in commerce.

Peer pressure 
Everyone goes through peer pressure, and it can affect our choices in life, In this case, peer pressure can be good when your peers advise you or talk you into choosing a career that will benefit you in the future. People especially the youth must distinguish between positive and negative peer pressure. People might make the mistake of choosing a career only because their friends have decided on the same career. Do what you know will be best for you, what’s good for your friend won’t be the same for you. 

Lack of funds
Not having enough money to go to a tertiary institution is very heartbreaking. Not everyone can afford tertiary education and not everyone will get a bursary. For some getting a bursary is their only ticket to follow their dream career. People end up staying at home, getting a simple job, finding a way to make a living and very few make it out. There might be money but not enough for the career you wish to go for. This situation forces a person to choose another career as the family only has hope in that one person.
To everyone that’s currently busy with choosing a career or will soon have to face this challenge, please think it through. Do as much research as possible and make yourself proud. Remember to advise others, it will be very helpful for them.

*Erasmus Endjala is a Grade 11 learner at Epako High School in the Omaheke 

2020-03-16  Staff Reporter

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