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Chikune gushes over her hubby…Joachim recently celebrated his 30th birthday

2021-07-13  Staff Reporter

Chikune gushes over her hubby…Joachim recently celebrated his 30th birthday
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It is inevitable that we will face challenges throughout our lives, but what matters most is finding the strength to overcome our challenges and prove how strong we are.

Coleen Leitner, popularly known as Chikune, can attest to the fact that marriage is one of the biggest commitments in life, and there is nothing sweeter than finding a partner who knows how to deal with problems. A partner who will keep at it despite whatever obstacles might arise in life – and kudos to her husband for becoming that man.

The musician took to her Twitter account to celebrate husband Joachim Mathias Leitner’s 30th birthday celebration. Chikune penned a heartfelt message to him, paying tribute to him for being an amazing partner.

In the post, she detailed the challenges he went through to get where he is now. “He turned 30 and I’m so proud of him... literally started from scratch after he lost everything and turned things around for his family... not just beautiful marriage but a solid financial partnership. #BlessedAndGrateful #HappyBirthday #proudwifey

— #OmutimaByChikune (@ChikuneNam) 8 July 2021," she wrote. 

The  couple recently celebrated their fifth anniversary and Chikune took to social media to celebrate the special day. “Here’s to Five years... Five years of accepting and understanding my dreams and my life... Five years of being there for me and treating me like I was divinely favoured by our Father... For this blessing, I’m forever in your debt,” read her post. The couple is blessed with a son.

Chikune, who is a musician and doctor, recently graduated from medical school, and we could not be more excited for her. She took to social media to share the exciting news. 

She said her parents, peers and managers told her to choose one field because she was not going to make it in both – but she was defiant. Instead, she juggled both and was able to complete her studies.

“I was told more than a hundred times by my managers, by my parents and my peers that I had to choose because I wasn’t going to be able to succeed in both my studies and my music career."

"I proved them wrong because he always made sure to bless me with an achievement that validated my dreams... for those of you who didn’t know this, this is why I couldn’t be as consistent as I wanted with my music." 

I was keeping a promise I made to my family, who always valued education – not just to have a qualification for a job but to open my eyes to possibilities I wouldn’t have seen with a closed mind. Thank you all for the supportive messages.”

2021-07-13  Staff Reporter

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