• July 11th, 2020

Child with brain ailment in need of artificial limbs

OMUTHIYA  – A six-year-old boy from Chamu-Chamu village, Oshikoto, who suffers from a brain condition is urgently in need of leg braces and foot orthoses, as he is unable to walk. 

 His mother, Velonika Netope, 28, says her son Tangi Niitembu has been unable to walk since birth as a result of brain damage that affected the nerves to his lower body. 
This also impaired his speech, as he can only say a few words that can be audible. 

Netope, who is unemployed, has thus come to appeal to the public to assist her son who is in need of artificial limbs, with the hope that he might fully walk by himself. 
The disease has also stunted Niitembu’s growth as he seems like he is three-years though he will be turning seven on 21 November. 

“I once took my son to the Namibia Private Orthopaedic Centre, where he was treated and later recommended that he needed artificial limbs to support him. I was given a quote of N$4500 for the leg braces and foot orthoses, of which its money I have been struggling to get as an unemployed mother. He can try to walk on something, thus I believe if assisted, he might eventually walk on his own one day,” stated Netope.
The mother said his condition has immensely improved over the years owed to therapy. “He couldn’t talk neither move before, as we continued with therapy sessions, he started showing signs of improvement such as talking although not perfect,” she reiterated. 

In addition, the young mother was informed by doctors that her child’s condition would remain as such because there is nothing they can do to remedy the brain defect.

Netope said the situation is worse as she is the only parent, adding that the son’s father passed on in a car accident in 2013, while she was six months pregnant. 

“It is really tough for me being a mother and father at the same time. In February, I managed to enrol him at a pre-school in Oshakati, however, the N$200 fee remains a hustle for me,” she added.

Niitembu was able to count and mention body parts, as her mother narrated their daily challenges, thus signifying his brilliance, considering he has not been in school for long. 

Obrien Simasiku
2020-03-13 08:01:27 | 3 months ago

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