• April 22nd, 2019
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Chinese embassy rebuts news report

Staff Reporter Windhoek-The Chinese embassy in Windhoek has rebutted a news report that claimed an elderly man arrested for possessing wildlife contraband was a Chinese national. New Era this week reported that 80-year-old Chinese pensioner, Lai Yau Ruan, found himself in police custody after he was found in unlawful possession of rhino horn, 60 pieces of ivory, one leopard skin and a cheetah skin. “First, it has been verified that the suspect is a South African national not a Chinese citizen,” read the embassy’s statement. The statement also said the news report’s image is misleading , although the image (large piles of ivory) had been labelled “for illustration purposes”. It said readers could easily take the picture for granted to be linked with the case directly. The Chinese embassy further said they also have noted that local media houses continue publishing reports that could incite xenophobic sentiments against foreigners, especially Chinese nationals, which trend has been on the rise recently. “It is our sincere hope that the media would deal with sensitive issues in a truth-seeking and responsible manner, rather [provoking] attacks and speculation because we believe that … irrationality and extremism can only lead to misunderstanding and confrontation …”. The statement said the irrational reports not only spoil the good diplomatic and bilateral ties existing between China and Namibia, but also jeopardize the image of Namibia as well as its long-term development. The Namibian government has all along regarded China as an all-weather friend and the relations between the then Swapo government in exile and China existed before independence – and after independence China has continued to render all sorts of financial and other assistance to Namibia, it said.
New Era Reporter
2018-01-12 09:27:44 1 years ago

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