• July 16th, 2019
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Church alliance wants reintroduction of Bible studies

WINDHOEK - The Alliance of Churches and Ministries in Namibia (ACM) has called for the reintroduction of Bible studies, alternatively religious education, in schools as they say this would help reduce moral decay.  

ACM president Pastor Zelda van der Colff said on Friday that with more than 90 percent of Namibians identifying themselves as Christians, it is only fair for the government to allow the teaching of the Bible in schools. 

“We respect the (Namibian) constitution but we have rights and we have a say – we must have a say as the majority. We are saying government must adhere to our rights and bring back the Bible in our school system,” said Van der Colff. 
She believes strongly that with the reintroduction of Bible studies in schools, there will be an improvement in  morals. 

She also opined that in as much as it is the parents’ responsibility to first teach their children about the Bible or morality, the school is equally an important vehicle to impart biblical education as this will go a long way in addressing some of the moral problems prevalent in the country. 

When an offender is put in a correctional facility, the first thing they ask for is a Bible and yet there are no Bibles in schools to prevent children from going to correctional facilities, said Van der Colff. 

Also, parents have drifted away from the Bible and biblical activities, added Van der Colff who urged Christians to bring up their children in the ways of God. 

She made an analogy of Muslim countries where from an early age children are taught on the way of living according to their religion. 

“We can prevent criminal activities by teaching our children and allowing the word of God in schools so that they do not end up in correctional facilities,” said Van der Colff. 
She also emphasised: “We respect the state. The state is an administrator but you will not have a nation if you don’t have citizens. If we can only turn back to the understanding of why we have been created by God, according to Genesis 1 verse 26.” 

She also said that spiritual leaders need to repent. 
“The church is responsible for the moral decay,” said Van der Colff, adding that the conduct of some spiritual leaders has made a mockery of the church.

Pastor van der Colff also spoke on the current state of affairs in the country where gender-based violence is persistent. 
She made the remarks in light of the death of nine-year-old Cheryl Avihe Ujaha who was brutally murdered about two weeks ago and buried this past weekend. 

Pastor van der Colff said that the church (Christians) will not allow things to remain as they are.  
“The brutal act has shocked the nation. It has stirred up the resistance that we can’t allow this anymore. We will rise and take charge within the laws of the country but also according to the Bible,” said the pastor. She also offered her condolences to the Ujaha and Kaimu families for their loss of their loved one. 

The ACM was established two years ago to serve as an umbrella body representing the Christian community.
One of the ACM’s missions is to achieve a framework of collaboration between member churches and government in order to speak from a biblical perspective on religious and socio-economic matters in Namibia, according to the organisation’s profile. 


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