• August 11th, 2020

Cops recover stolen computers

WINDHOEK – Police recovered four computers stolen from Katutura police station on Saturday and arrested six men in connection with the theft.

One of the suspects, Jacobus ‘Ouman’ Swartbooi, who stole the computers pleaded guilty in court on Wednesday and was sentenced to three years imprisonment.

Nampol spokesperson Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi said the police arrested two men who allegedly stole the four computers and sold them for N$1 520 collectively. 
The police further arrested four men who allegedly bought the computers.

Kanguatjivi confirmed the break-in at the police station, saying the discovery was only made on Monday morning.  “An investigation was launched and two suspects who were regular inmates at the station were arrested,” he stated, while adding the buyers were charged being in possession of stolen items.  
He said the computers were sold for N$600, N$500, N$300 and N$120.

A second theft suspect did not admit to the crime but remains in police custody because of a pending warrant of arrest on another matter. 

According to the police, the suspects broke into three offices at the station after they gained entrance through the backyard.  

Kanguatjivi said the two suspects who are regular inmates at the station gained entry to the police station from the backyard because they knew there are no inmates kept at the station. 
The police officers on duty were downstairs at the charge office while the offices where the computers were stolen are upstairs.  

The suspects then cut the roof and climbed into the holding cells, which were empty. 
“If there were people, they would have alerted the police,” said Kanguatjivi. They proceeded to the offices and broke the office windows in order to enter the room.

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2019-10-18 07:14:48 | 9 months ago


  1. User
    Eusebius M Thirumbu

    how smart where the thiefs to break into a police building and broke a window ,cut the roof to gain entrance? officers where sleeping on duty or what now.or its a inside job.

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