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Councillor accused of maltreating staff

2020-06-02  Staff Reporter

Councillor accused of maltreating staff
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Steven Klukowski

A concerned resident is dismayed over the alleged maltreatment of administrative staff in the office of the Keetmanshoop Urban constituency councillor, Maxie Minnaar.
“I am writing this concern on behalf of the affected employees working at Keetmanshoop Urban constituency office. I, therefore, express my disappointment about the //Kharas Regional Urban constituency councillor,” said Petrus Shaumbwa. 
He said they have been informed about the councillor’s hostility towards public servants deployed in her office. He alleged Minnaar gives preference to members of her party, Landless Peoples Movements (LPM), at the expense of all other government employees.
“I, as a concerned community member, do not support that type of practice since the office she is working from does not belong to any political party; it is a public office,” the complainant emphasised. 

He reminded the councillor that she has been elected to serve all people regardless of their political party or ethnicity. Shaumbwa also said despite having a control officer with three additional administrative staff members at her disposal, Minnaar prefers LPM members to perform all administrative duties in her office. 
“She is harassing those employees on a daily basis and even instructs her people to throw out their belongings after chasing them out of office,” he further alleged. 

Shaumbwa also warned the councillor to stop before the public starts reacting.
“In conclusion, I am recommending the investigation to be taken against her attitude by the relevant authority in order to stop that type of practice as soon as possible,” said the complainant.
Approached for comment, Minnaar explained since the first day she took office, she has strived towards building a strong relationship with all her support staff and that it is common cause that relationship building takes time – even within a professional set up.
 “As regional councillor, responsible for social-economic development and employment creation, I took the decision to recruit four volunteers at my office,” said Minnaar.

 She went on that these people are gaining the necessary skills, experience and competencies in the fields of administration and community service in the process. 

She elaborated that these people will, after gaining the necessary experience, be afforded opportunities for attachment to government offices. 
“The office of the Keetmanshoop Urban constituency is a public office and all members of our community are urged to work in unison and closer cooperation with my office for the purposes of community development,” further stated the councillor.
She said this is even more relevant and important during this difficult time of Covid-19 and the resultant economic decline.
Minnaar called on the concerned community member to visit her office for consultation and cooperation. 

2020-06-02  Staff Reporter

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