• July 14th, 2020

Couple arrested for daughter’s death

SWAKOPMUND - A couple was arrested on Saturday in Omaruru in the Erongo Region after police found their daughter unresponsive early Saturday morning at the town. 

The couple who is expected to appear this week in court will most likely be charged with murder and negligence, according to Nampol. 

Crime-coordinator for Nampol in Erongo, Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu yesterday  morning said police found the baby girl, identified as Suuko Hindjou dead between her parents early Saturday morning in their shack at the Sonskyn location in Omaruru. 

According to Iikuyu, the police suspects that the child died due to suffocation. 
 He added that the police went to pay the family a visit after neighbours allegedly realised that the couple was heavily under the influence of alcohol despite being with the baby. 
“The neighbours were concerned about the child’s safety, after seeing the condition in which the parents were,” he stated. 

The couple aged 22 and 23 were seen, drinking around the neighbourhood . 
“The mother was carrying the baby. However they way she was handling the baby while being drunk did not sit well with the neighbours who alerted the police,” Iikuyu said.

According to Iikuyu, the baby had already died when the police arrived at their home around 03h00, resulting in the couple being arrest on Saturday. 
Iikuyu indicated that a post mortem will be done this week at the Walvis Bay Police Mortuary to determine the exact cause of death. The couple is expected to appear this week in the Omaruru Magistrate’s Court. 

Eveline de Klerk
2019-10-08 07:42:51 | 9 months ago

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