• November 29th, 2020

Couple discards ‘demon-infested’ furniture

ONGWEDIVA – An Oshakati-based couple on Sunday discarded its furniture because it contained ‘evil symbols and colours of spirits of darkness’, it told police and shocked onlookers.

The young couple discarded its furniture at an Ongwediva dumping site on Sunday evening. A shocked security guard who was on site alerted town council officials and the police about the new household furniture at the dumping site, prompting the officials to act and search for the couple. The belongings include a set of new sofas, a television set, plastic chairs, kitchen cupboard, kitchen utensils, a suitcase and some of their four-month-old baby’s belongings.

The husband, who is understood to be a senior employee of the Ministry of Finance in Oshakati, said he knew for sometimes that there was something wrong with his black leather sofas but never acted. 

He eventually took the decision to discard them when “God showed me spiritually” that the sofas had 666 symbols. The number 666 is associated by Christians with Satanism or viewed as an evil symbol. 

“You will not see them because you are not looking with your spiritual eyes,” he said.
Although the sofas still look brand new, the man claims that he bought them before he got married in 2017. 

“The black colour symbolises the spirit of darkness. I knew I have wasted my money but I bought them anyway,” he explained.

The couple said over the years they have been members of AFM Rock of Salvation Church in Oshakati, but two Sundays ago they shifted allegiances by joining another church on the outskirt of Ongwediva that belongs to a certain Meme Tuyeimo. 

The couple was fast to clarify that neither its previous spiritual leaders nor the current ones had anything to do with their unusual decision to get rid of their furniture.

They were purely influenced by the ‘spirit’ for the decision, the husband said.
His unemployed wife said she now feels relieved that they have gotten rid of the black furniture as she had difficulties coping in the house.

“I was always scared, even if I want to sleep, I could not sleep on those sofas,” she said.
Oshana regional police’s head of operations, Commissioner Ottilie Kashuupulwa said police will keep the furniture in their storage until such time that the couple changes its mind to either take back the furniture, donate or to sell them.


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