• August 10th, 2020

Couture by Kim Safari line

WINDHOEK - Kaino Matheus known as Kim in the fashion industry talked to Entertainment Now! about her upcoming exhibition titled Kim Safari Line.

The exhibition will be the launch of her clothing line and her website.
Couture by Kim Safari is a unisex clothing line, created with the Odelela material and dyed with the safari colour palette. 

 Kim who has a Diploma in Visual Art and Honors Degree in Tourism management and geography was inspired by her passion for art and tourism in the country.

The line is made out of Odelela material to represent Namibia and Aawambo people, to have safari made out of authentic Namibian fabric. “I love creating and this made me look at the gap we have in the tourism industry of clothing,” commented Kim, she added that safari clothing which is in the country comes from South Africa. “They speak Africa yes, but do they scream Namibia,” she added passionately. 

Mainly designed for fashion and travel, the line targets tourism craft shops and stores, tourist and local tourism companies in cultural and heritage, private purchases also to those who would like to gift international people in regards to the privilege of visiting Namibia and have the clothes as souvenirs. 

The line is resilient to all types of seasons, and can be styled in many ways, for safari wear, classic wear, casual wear and modernised traditional wear. It also includes shoes and safari bags. Kim wants people to feel free and comfortable in her pieces and most importantly proud and adventurous. 

Despite the challenges of production, Kim plans on getting her line recognized and popular, an opportunity of owning a real Namibian product. “Tourism means art and everything else sold and made is art,” ended Kim with a smile.

Emmency Nuukala
2019-12-02 08:27:48 | 8 months ago

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