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Curfew violators infuriate Kapofi

2021-03-10  Loide Jason

Curfew violators infuriate Kapofi
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Safety and security minister Frans Kapofi has expressed dismay at bar owners and motorists for violating Covid-19 regulations. 

Kapofi, who joined the security cluster during a joint patrol around Windhoek on Saturday night, said his findings will force the police to enforce strict adherence to motorists and night club owners violating the measures if people do not adhere to the measures. 

“Our residents are not serious. They are in bars dancing and enjoying after hours of curfew. The bar owners are happy to make money on the expenses of the health of the people,” said Kapofi. 

He further said motorists are also disrespecting the measures by driving after hours and under the influence of alcohol. 

“Our motorists are also not serious. People were driving up to midnight. I don’t know what people want the police to do, really. The police are doing what is expected of them. However, our people are not helping the situation,” a frustrated Kapofi expressed. 

He appealed to the residents, particularly bar owners, to take the health of people first before the motive of making money. 

“Imagine, you are making money but you are allowing people to spread the virus. And this occurred in all suburbs I have visited. Young people are mostly the culprits of violating the measures, as most of them are the customers in bars and bar owners,” he pointed out. 

He said he is disappointed that people are defying the order of the President. 

“The President made this order to help curb the spreading of the virus. But people do not respect it. If this continues, strict measures need to be enforced. We have started so well but now people are so relaxed, and we report death and positive cases daily,” the minister said. 

Movements under the current Covid-19 regulations are restricted from 22h00 to 04h00 in a bid to curb the spread of the virus. 


2021-03-10  Loide Jason

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