• July 5th, 2020

Deepening consumer awareness through financial literacy

WINDHOEK – Nedbank’s Personal Loans Team is conducting a nationwide Financial Education Roadshow, targeted at Namibians working in both the private and public sectors. The financial education programme, which started earlier this year, runs until the end of July and is aimed at deepening consumer awareness and understanding of banking products and services.

Speaking about the roadshow, Head of Nedloans Erastus Haihambo says the roadshow aims to equip people with the knowledge needed to make smart financial decisions. “The objective of the financial roadshow is to educate consumers about the range of financial products and services and to educate them by giving them a better understanding about their responsibilities and rights when it comes to their financial well-being.” 

Financial wellness is a game changer towards the achievement of financial development and in enhancing financial market integrity. “This is our way of giving back to the community from where we derive our business.” Haihambo continues. “There are still some clear macro-economic curative measures and challenges that necessitate the need to drive consumer education in order to help significantly reduce the number of consumers in poor financial health.” Haihambo concludes.

The financial education campaign consists of different elements including, face-to-face group and individual presentation sessions as well as the distribution of financial wellness material.

Nedbank believes that better informed and financially educated consumers are shaped to make better banking and financial decisions which will introduce a shift needed to ensure a healthy financial position for the Namibian consumers.

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2019-07-10 09:47:40 | 11 months ago

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