• September 19th, 2020

Die Eintlike Vibe back for season 2

‘Die Eintlike Vibe’, a show dedicated to engage artists, getting deeper into conversation with them through their creative processes, and finding out what inspires them and touch into their personal lives, is back for the second season.
The show, this time around and as per norm, promises an exhilarating season that features exciting new interviews and an extra package of N$20 000 giveaway for loyal viewers.

It will consisting of 10 episodes, gathering Namibian go-getters like TopCheri, Karishma, Chris Wayne, Chubby Beatz as well as Blenge Mofire. DJ Kboz, Manxebe and Dik Bones make appearances, with Adora and Tulisan returning as the superstar hosts.
“At One Africa TV, we remain committed to supporting our local entertainment industry and using our broadcast platform to bring Namibia and our great talented artists and creatives to light. Given the wonderful feedback on Season 1, we are delighted to broadcast another season of ‘Die Eintlike Vibe’,” highlighted Taleni Shimhopileni, the TV station’s content manager.

Shimhopileni stated that the commitment to support and broadcast local content remains unaffected – even in the current economic times.
“We know our viewers will enjoy the games segment and short performances by the artists our Namibians know and love.”
The show gives viewers an insight into their favourite stars’ creative processes, exposing artists in a way never seen before by fans.
“In each segment, guests are encouraged to open up and show a more relatable side to them. The games and quizzes that bring artists out of their shells show that stars are also ordinary people. Fans will be surprised to find out some of their favourite stars’ hidden talents and interests,” explained Shimhopileni.

The idea was birthed by the trio Adora, AB Amushila and Tulisan, working tirelessly behind the scenes, preparing for shows, and incorporating backstage moments into their performances. They never imagined they would take the next step so soon on putting the show on TV.
 “The response we received after season one ranged from appreciation towards our use of local languages on the show, as well as the exposure gained by some of our guests who said that more people recognised them on the streets after their appearance on the show,” says Amushila, executive producer of the show.
Amushila said: “We believe that we inspired creatives and film producers to get their content on TV. A Local content revolution is on the way.”
– psiririka@nepc.com.na

Paheja Siririka
2020-08-07 12:19:51 | 1 months ago

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