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Dignity Day restores belonging for young girls

2018-11-14  Staff Report 2

Dignity Day restores belonging for young girls

Onesmus Embula

WINDHOEK – The United Youth Charity Association (UYCA) hosted Dignity Day, a first time event for Namibia at Greenwell community centre, Katutura over the weekend. 

UYCA is a regional affiliate of the National Youth Council of Namibia coordinated by a group of students in collaboration the Daring Eagle Attaining Results (DEAR), a family found group of girls. The Dignity Day initiative is aimed at educating and inspiring young people in the informal settlements between 8-23 years and help them understand their self-worth and goals. The day, which is globally recognised, particularly focused on identity, belonging and purpose for all women and was established in 2008 in South Africa. 

DEAR’s  Tuilika Andreas and Justine Andreas, the two sisters coordinating the group, placed emphasis on bringing the right kind of understanding to instil hope for a dignified future of the Namibian girl-child.

Justine, who spoke fondly on the topic of purpose, said the inferiority of women in the past has buried a lot of young girls’ dreams. “As of today, most girls are faced with challenges of low self-esteem and that hinders their vision in life,” said she. 
She further included biblical principles to enlighten young girls in attendance that they were wonderfully made with a purpose. “Everyone is unique and created with a purpose, let us not allow ourselves to be defined by society, especially social media, so we should uphold our self-worth,” she encouraged.

On the other hand, her like-minded sister Justine Andreas who shared the podium motivated the gathering with tende words to restore their dignity and regain their identity. “A lot of young girls are battling with their inner self, they are in vulnerable situations and some are emotionally hurt or abused, but all I can say is that these circumstances are just temporary, there is so much hope,” said Justine.

Meanwhile, founder and president of UYCA, Beatha Iikela, says the purpose of hosting the event was to create a comfortable zone with fellow peers where they openly discussed issues affecting the youth. “We are aiming to reach out to young girls from informal settlements such as Greenwell, Goreangab Dam and Havana to inspire them not to limit their dreams despite their living conditions and surroundings because one day life will turn out beautifully for them,” says Iikela. She hopes to see a loving generation with unleashed potential and self-belief. 

Among others, the event discussed topics that urged boys to free themselves from the chains of society and to express their emotions without fear of being labelled as weak. More so, it also addressed girls to stand up and advocate for their rights, stating women’s lives matter. Above all, it creates a platform where both genders interact. 

2018-11-14  Staff Report 2

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