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Dispatched thoughts - Cannot be pleased

2020-07-01  Staff Reporter

Dispatched thoughts - Cannot be pleased
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Maybe we are overreacting but I am starting to think that not everyone can be pleased; I am starting to notice and accept that it’s not always you, as it was never about you. People will always see issues and matters the way it suits them best – and most times, there isn’t much that can be done to change or correct their views. It is not about you; it never was.

  I can never speak for another person but some people’s actions lead me to believe that they would rather bring down a whole house than repair a broken window. Rather than admit to a simple mistake that can easily be fixed or repaired and prevent unnecessary hardships, some people would rather force it on everyone and risk losing it all. To them, it is either their way or no way.

There is always more to it than just this. Some see it the way you see it; just as some see it the way it is. Who is wrong or right becomes irrelevant when innocent, helpless people are the ones who end up on the receiving end of these disagreements.
 Sometimes, I wonder if people ever imagined if their actions or lack of actions would come out like this someday – probably not – even in the slightest. I wonder whether they believe if what they are doing or not doing is really what they intended it to be. I guess we will never really know. Do you live by the words that you utter or do you say one thing and end up doing the opposite?
I am pretty sure many people had enough of you and your words; whatever that means to you. Just as many of you could say the same about us and our antics but that just is not right. I can’t be that way and it’s not something to be particularly proud of because we all know that you still have it in you to be a great person; we want it to happen soon.

I have accepted and clearly understood that this has little to nothing to do with me or you but rather something that we have little knowledge about – no matter what we do. You will ever only see it one way; the way you want to; hence, you simply cannot be pleased. 

Olavi Popyeinawa
Twitter: @olavipopyeinawa

2020-07-01  Staff Reporter

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