• July 12th, 2020

Dispatched Thoughts: This Is Your Reality

No matter how fast you run or how far you run, no matter how much you drink or smoke, no matter how many times you fake it and lie to yourself, reality will always catch up to you.
For as long as you roam the earth you can’t fake life, you can’t bullshit your way out of it, reality will always be with you.

You can build up a persona, create an alternative world and live in it, with all the make-believe and exaggerated circumstances just to make yourself feel good.

When the night comes, when you sober up, when your friends and everyone that loves you are not around, when you are alone by yourself.

That’s when it kicks in, that’s when your real self comes out. The reality that isn’t influenced by anyone but yourself.

All of your fears, your failures, all the things that are hidden by a facade that you have carefully created over the years, they all come out to torment you, they want you to acknowledge them, to submit to them, to entertain them, because those are your realities.

All your goals and ambitions, your deepest desires, your honest needs and truest feelings. That’s your reality. It is what keeps you up at night and keeps you going through the day. They drive you, they define your world, they make you do and say the things you do, you just can’t escape them. They make you who you are. It is what comes to your mind when you have nothing on your mind when you are honest and pure in thought.

As famed author Philip Dick put it reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away. It never leaves you and you never leave it.
You can’t drown out your reality with anyone but yourself, you can’t hide behind the expensive clothes, the fancy gadgets, the cars and everything material that defines you and for some the social media comments, because they all leave you eventually or you outgrow them, but not your reality, you can’t out dress it, you can’t outdrive it or even outspend it, you just have to face it.
When your reality comes at you in its raw form, don’t waver, don’t crawl and hide, accept it and face it. With a little imagination, it is your best ally in this life.
This is reality!


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2020-01-29 10:06:54 | 5 months ago

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