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Dispatched thoughts - Try your best

2022-01-12  Olavi Popyeinawa

Dispatched thoughts - Try your best

One of my closest friends is a perfectionist. Actually, two of my closest friends are perfectionists. 

They take time to perfect an already-good project and make it truly great. Working with them on professional projects is always an experience.

I don’t know how many of you have such people in your lives, but I would recommend you to get one. It is truly beautiful when you work with someone who is just as committed and good as you are at their craft.

We have heard countless times about how we easily pick up the behaviours and traits of those with whom we spend the most time.

There is a reason why it’s such a popular notion, and it is one of the things our parents stressed us on, because it’s true, and it’s something we tend to pick up and notice as we grow older.

Most of the greatest projects and works have been done in collaboration with another person and/or organisation, and it is not because they were not capable of doing it on their own, but because two or three heads will always be better than one. 

Many a time, you will be forced to work at your limits. You will be pushed to bring out your absolute best to compliment your partner’s, and I truly believe that is how magnificent work is done.

That’s just the magic of collaboration. The right kind of collaboration can upgrade your skills and understanding of other humans, which, honestly, is one of the greatest advantages of collaborations; that’s where soft skills are learned. You learn more about yourself just as much as you will about who you are working with; it’s fascinating. 

Unfortunately, in reality, collaborations are not as common as you’d think. More often than not, you will find yourself working alone. Everyone is open to collaborating, but not everyone is committed to putting in that work. 

In many instances, collaborative projects are not as collaborative as they are advertised; they tend to be rather a thing of working for someone than with them.

However, when it does happen, and it is done right, try your best and give it your all. 

You might not be a perfectionist or an overthinker, but where you fall short could be right where your partner excels, and if he/she doesn’t, you and your collaborative partner’s best could create the next big thing.


• Olavi Popyeinawa

• Twitter: @olavipopyeinawa

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2022-01-12  Olavi Popyeinawa

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