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Dj Dozza releases single with Agogo

2020-07-03  Strauss Lunyangwe

Dj Dozza releases single with Agogo
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Mentos Goagoseb Namibia’s rising producer, also known as Dj Dozza, is a young and ambitious businessman with a strong passion for music. 
Having produced for artists such as Jericho, Female Donkey and Tswazis – just to mention a few – he has started showing signs of becoming a major player in the music industry.

Dozza recently released a new single featuring Agogo, titled ‘Ipupulu’, showcasing his artistry. Speaking to Entertainment Now!, the producer cum artist said the new single was produced a while back – not just to set a trend but to lead a new body of sound. 
‘’Basically, to make the sound our own and not copy and paste, at the same time, break records. People find it controversial but that’s the fun in it. It’s local competitiveness and I’m sure it will awaken the game a little with the intentions to build,’’ he explained.
He told this reporter he has had the hunger for some time to also dabble in the studio booth and not just create music behind the scene. ‘’I had the energy and blood for music for some time now. I just never had time for it because of my job as a producer and being more into the business side of things made it difficult. As a perfectionist, it’s hard to maintain the standard but I’m excited and about ready to take on the industry head-on,’’ he narrated.

Currently, he is just testing the waters, as he has managed halfway to rebuild his fan base with some songs he has released and produced. ‘’It’s safe to say for now I’ll keep dropping heat since we can finally sell our singles via, just another platform where you can SMS and receive singles. Expect new music, as I have recently teamed up with Zella; we formed a group called the,’’ he ended.
The mindful producer is also a facilitator for a project called Namibia to Hollywood. It is a training program that prepares young talents for bigger markets as far as entertainment is concerned. They are creating an opportunity for stars to be able to grow their talents in all aspects of entertainment including modelling.

2020-07-03  Strauss Lunyangwe

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