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DJ Spuzza accuses RTE Records of scam… label denies accusations

2021-03-24  Staff Reporter

DJ Spuzza accuses RTE Records of scam… label denies accusations
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DJ Spuzza and his former estranged stable RTE Records are at loggerheads again, as he is accusing their top-level manager Jean Emmery Ngabo-Shingiro of trying to scam people using Slaughterhouze’s name.

In a series of Instagram stories, DJ Spuzza blasted the label, saying Ngabo-Shingiro has been trying to scam club and bar owners who apparently booked Slaughterhouze’s DJ Spuzza and DJ Txngos through the label.

Ngabo-Shingiro allegedly claimed that the musicians are still part of the label, although DJ Spuzza confirmed in a statement early this year that they have part ways. 

“I would like to inform the public that this guy is trying to scam you by using Slaughterhouze to make money out of you,” he wrote on his Instagram story.

The stable has also taken to social media in a statement to clear their name, saying the accusations are false. RTE records said there is an ongoing case between DJ Spuzza and them because when DJ Spuzza left the label, he allegedly refused to sign the termination contract.

They said anyone who books Slaughterhouze will be liable to pay the booking fee to them.

DJ Spuzza further accused the label of lying. 

“RTE made a press release lying and making us look greedy while they know what they wrote in that press release in terms of the money issues and even what went down. I have proof and screenshots that can proof what really went down and why they agreed to part ways with us on our request – and yet, today, this is what they are doing behind the scenes,” he shared.

Confirming his departure from the label in January, DJ Spuzza wrote on social media: “Thank you so much for standing by me in these confusing times. Y’all have shown me yet again that my back is strong, as I have you holding it straight in times when people expect me to fold. I apologise for being silent in a time when y’all needed clarity on this since; every story has two sides well, to be honest, the best choice”.

DJ Spuzza further said time will ultimately reveal what really went down regarding the money issues.

“I’m no longer signed to any label. @slaughterhouze_na is now an independent DJ/producer duo consisting of myself, DJ Spuzza and @txngos_slaughterhousze,” he said.

2021-03-24  Staff Reporter

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