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DJ Spuzza’s Soek Soek remix reaches 1 Million YouTube views…Congratulations are in order

2021-08-10  Staff Reporter

DJ Spuzza’s Soek Soek remix reaches 1 Million YouTube views…Congratulations are in order
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DJ Spuzza’s remix, featuring award-winning rapper AKA, ‘Soek Soek’ has reached an incredible 1 million views on Youtube.

It has been impossible for people to not break the replay button on YouTube, since the remix was released last year. This time around, he delivered and the numbers don’t lie.

The song was dubbed a certified hit by his legion of fans. 

Taking to his Instagram page to celebrate this milestone, DJ Spuzza thanked everyone who supported him and showed love to his remix.

DJ Spuzza made headlines last year for bringing rapper AKA from South Africa over for a music video shoot in Windhoek’s Vambolokasie location, among other locations. 

The DJ remained tight-lipped about the remix and did not say much about it – even to some media houses in Namibia. AKA finally landed in the country, causing a frenzy, and they were able to shoot the music video.

‘Soek Soek’ was one of the biggest hits for 2019/2020 and it has also had its controversy. Don Kamati was angry over the fact that he was left out of the video shoot for the original song and the remix. Kamati felt he was taken advantage of by DJ Spuzza.

DJ Spuzza recently also hogged the headlines after parting ways with his estranged stable RTE Records. Their separation was not amicable, as it was marred by drama.

He confirmed his departure from the label in January by sharing a statement on social media, which reads: “Thank you so much for standing by me in these confusing times. Y’all have shown me yet again that my back is strong, as I have you holding it straight in times when people expect me to fold. I apologise for being silent at a time when y’all needed clarity on this since every story has two sides well. To be honest, that’s the best choice”.

“I made was to be silent [sic] because in the end, time will ultimately reveal what really went down about the money issue – and yes, I’m no longer signed to any label and @slaughterhouze_na is now an independent DJ/producer duo consisting of myself, DJ Spuzza and @txngos_slaughterhouze.”

He put the label on blast, saying it has been trying to scam people allegedly using the Slaughterhouze name.

“I would like to inform the public that this guy is trying to scam you by using Slaughterhouze to make money out of you,” he wrote on his Instagram story.

The label took to social media in a statement to clear its name. 

RTE Records denied the accusations and said they were false. 

The label said this was being done under false pretence. RTE records said there was an ongoing case between DJ Spuzza and them because when he left the label, he apparently refused to sign the termination contract.

According to the label, Slaughterhouze was not allowed to get bookings, and anyone who booked them would be responsible for the booking fee paid to them.


2021-08-10  Staff Reporter

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