• April 21st, 2019
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Double murder accused Nicodemus fires attorney

Crime and Courts
Crime and Courts

Maria Amakali Windhoek-Lukas Nicodemus, the man accused of two of the most gruesome murders of 2016, on Thursday vowed to file his own formal bail application, alleging that his defence counsel had not followed his instructions. The 46-year-old stands accused of killing two women and burning their bodies at a dumping site in Pioneers Park last year. Nicodemus, who made his first appearance, from custody, in the High Court before Judge Christie Liebenberg last week, started throwing words at his legal aid-appointed defence counsel Milton Engelbrecht during court proceedings. “I do not agree with him – he is forcing me to do things,” charged Nicodemus, who looked very upset. However, Engelbrecht explained that when the matter was being dealt with in the lower court, they approached the court for Nicodemus to be released on bail, which was communicated to legal aid. “Legal aid at the time informed me that they were not in the position to pay counsel fees for the bail application,” explained Engelbrecht. He noted that the message had been communicated to the accused and his family. “The accused does not want to follow the counsel’s advice in this matter,” said Engelbrecht. Judge Liebenberg cautioned the accused that it is not advisable for him not to have any legal representation, as he faces serious charges. “First consult your counsel. If there are some disagreements then such issues should be directed to legal aid – until then Engelbrecht will be your counsel,” explained Liebenberg. Nicodemus faces two charges of murder, as well as obstruction of justice and failing to lock away his firearm which he normally kept under his mattress in his bedroom. Such charges emanate from the deaths of Johanie Naruses, 29, and Clemensia de Wee, 23, whose burnt remains were discovered at a refuse dump in Pioneers Park between January 6-7 last year. The prosecution alleges that Nicodemus killed the two women by shooting them with his unlicensed firearm. It is said that Nicodemus then dumped their bodies at a dumpsite where he then set them alight. Nicodemus is due to make his next appearance in court on January 18, 2018.
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2017-11-27 09:38:27 1 years ago

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