• August 5th, 2020

Double tragedy as thieves rob mourners

WINDHOEK - Mourners grieving the death of a former State House-stationed police officer got an unpleasant visit from robbers in broad daylight on Monday - stealing a television set, laptop and two cellphones.

Three robbers stormed out of a white Toyota Corolla taxi parked outside the residence where the wake was being held in Pioneers Park and went to the lounge where three women were seated and took their electronic devices.  

The fourth man, a driver, remained seated in the taxi. The incident happened at around 13h00 on Monday.
Family and friends were mourning the death of Ester Nakee Namashana, 75, at her home when thieves stormed the house to steal. Namashana passed away on January 2. 

The deceased’s sister Julia Tueufiilua, 52, said Namashana will be laid to rest this Saturday at Omadi village in Ogongo Constituency of Omusati Region.

Recalling the robbery, Tueufiilua said the robbers were in a white taxi (import) marked S51 in white letters.  

She said the men looked very young and estimated their ages to be around 19 and 20 years old. 
Tueufiilua narrated to New Era yesterday that she and two other women were in the sitting room when the young men arrived. The men entered the house through a short passage without greeting anyone and walked to the sitting room.
 “One tall man had a panga and went straight to the TV stand and took the television set, laptop and cellphone,” recounted Tueufiilua, adding that at the same time one of the ladies ran into the street for assistance. 

Tueufiilua said that the second man armed with a knife went to the woman next to her who had a cellphone in her hands. “He (robber) demanded the cellphone but the lady [resisted]. He smacked her and told her not to scream. He asked for the phone again but she refused. He kicked her and the cellphone fell on the floor and he picked it up,” she said. 

The robber with a panga briefly pursued the woman who ran into the street but could not catch her.
The group then sped off, Tueufiilua said.

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