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Draw the line on youth coaches’ appointment

2019-03-15  Carlos Kambaekwa

Draw the line on youth coaches’ appointment

DEVELOPMENT, by definition is the process of producing or creating a new or more advanced product that is still in the developmental stage - an area where industries and institutions are encouraged to create opportunities and jobs.
It should be digested that the universe in which we live as human species was created and was not the result of an accident, as some scientists preach.Everything, including knowledge is fully owned by this creator for whom each religion has its unique definition because human beings are only trustees and own nothing, period. This is exactly how all of us entered this forum we came to know as earth.   

Indeed misguided human beings have this misplaced perception that they were born to be in charge of proceedings at the slightest provocation in the maximum enjoyment of their imagination.It’s by now a well-documented secret that the annual Namibian Newspaper Cup is the ultimate August football bonanza for any YOUNG footballer on the local sporting calendar to unleash their full potential – ultimately raising their hands to be scouted by Premiership affiliates. This particular youth tourney has produced a significant number of highly gifted young footballers since its inception and continues to grow in leaps and bounds. 

However, the fundamental question that invites debate is; does our football not have any upcoming talented coaches and ambitious rookie administrators to step to the plate.

Furthermore, why should participating regions always turn to the tried and tested coaches to mentor the youngsters at the expense of aspiring coaches?. Lastly, why must the regions recruit established coaches outside the boundaries of their designated area of residency? I’m just wondering.

Unless you hail from Kuvukiland – logical thinking suggests that locals should enjoy none negotiable preference in all aspects of the beautiful game, starting from administration, technical staff, referees and catering – keep it in the family, after all, local is LEKKER.This August annual youth football bonanza in question should primarily serve as a suitable yardstick for aspiring footballers, coaches and upcoming match officials, preferably women referees to unleash their full potential, so to speak. 

Don’t kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.The rapid unemployment prevailing amongst the youths has obliged many gifted athletes to seek refuge in the Namibian Defence Force (NDF) in the shape of permanent employment.

Netball Namibia (NN) finds herself entangled in a Catch 22 situation following her hardcore stance not to allow the newly formed NDF team to compete in the country’s elite netball league.A significant chunk of the country’s leading basket rattlers have joined forces with the ladies in camouflaged uniform in search of  green pastures.NDF dangled a juicy carrot in the pretty faces of some of the crème de la crème of domestic netball that propelled an exodus of some of 10 finest talent on offer abandon their respective clubs in exchange for the enticing camouflaged uniform.

Word has it that netball bosses would have none of this unfolding saga and ordered the new kid on the block to start afresh in the lower tier division – notwithstanding the brutal reality that this team supplies the bulk of playing personnel to the national senior netball team. 

Well, rules are rules and should be honoured and respected but alas, it should also be taken into consideration that these rules are manmade and not iron casted. Bend the rules and make an exception unless you want to make a mockery of the league.

How on bloody hell does one allow your best players to compete in the lower ranks against weaker opponents to the detriment of the overall standard of the league?. 

Without an iota of doubt, such weird practice will in all likelihood weakens the players’ edge of competitiveness. I rest my case.

2019-03-15  Carlos Kambaekwa

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