• October 21st, 2020

ECN briefs parties on nomination process

Kuzeeko Tjitemisa 

Nomination and submission of candidates by political parties for the November regional and local authority elections will officially start today, the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) confirmed yesterday. 
In November, Namibians are heading to the polls to elect new regional council and local authority leaders despite fears of the global coronavirus crisis that is testing the world’s democracies in myriad ways. 
Political parties, organisations and associations have until 16 October, while independent candidates have until 14 October to submit the names of their candidates to the ECN.
ECN’s Chief Electoral and Referenda Officer Theo Mujoro yesterday held a meeting with candidates, political parties, organisations and associations where he briefed them on the nomination process, including legal requirements, procedures and arrangements.
He told those in attendance that the signing of the code of conduct for political parties, organisation and candidates is set for 8 October, while the verification and signing of sample ballot papers by political parties, associations and independent candidates are set for 2 November.
He said the central elections results centre, the management system and processes, as well as the briefing on final logistic arrangements dates will be communicated to them.

Kuzeeko Tjitemisa
2020-09-29 09:44:16 | 22 days ago

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