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Ekondombolo goes back to school

2020-07-03  Aletta Shikololo

Ekondombolo goes back to school
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If you think you are too old to pursue your life goals, then the Oshiwambo pioneer rapper, Shikololo is living proof that you can persevere and chase your dreams at any age.
“Why would I be limited to go back to school,” questioned Shikololo who went back to university to pursue his education.
Even though the singer did not want to tap deep into what he is studying, he told Entertainment Now! “I want my graduation to come as a surprise. I am planning on hosting a big event on my graduation day and inspire my children, people that have lost hope and inspire others I have been drinking with on the streets of Katutura. I want to make people believe that anything is possible.”
Before he decided to chase his goals as an academic, Shikololo, real name Felix Johannes, is one of the local artists who have gone through the hardest phases life has to offer.

From being a liberation struggle kid, alcoholic, sleeping on the streets, getting fired from work, and not able to provide his children with a stable home, Shikololo said he has faced it all, however, that does not determine who he is and what he wants to be. 
 In a candid interview, the lyrical genius poured it all out saying “I am not who I used to be.”

The journey from exile and early years of music
Returning from exile to Namibia, Shikololo said the dream has always been to become a singer “I have been a lead singer even in exile. We grew up singing politics songs because that is all we knew and after independence, I aimed to continue singing because I wanted to educate and tell a story about the liberation struggle.”

Growing up as a talented singer, the founder of Oshiwambo rap said all his songs have messages about what they have gone through during the war and he had no other dream apart from music because of his background.
Shikololo rose to stardom when he released his first song ‘Takamisa’ with Fidel Odel in 1994.
“That was a hit song back in the days and we have gone places because of that song.” Explained the rap veteran and poet.
He further added that at some point in his music career, he turned to alcohol abuse which ruined his life.
“I was young and famous. Thought it was the coolest thing I could have done,” he laughed it off.

Alcohol abuse and sobriety
People who are close to Shikololo can attest that the singer was under the bad influence of alcohol, to a greater extent where it could have affected his music career.
“First of all I don’t know how I became a drunkard, but I remember not being a drunkard, meaning I have been drinking for so many years. I don’t know for how many years but I was caught up in a horrible situation,” narrated the open-minded singer before adding that he does not regret being an alcoholic because it was a learning curve to him.
He said, “I have done my mistakes just like anybody else and I have learned from them which is why I am who I am today.”
The self-proclaimed ‘Ekondombolo’ meaning ‘Cock’ said he rehabilitated himself and has been sober for five years.
When asked how he made it, the singer explained that he needed to be responsible as a grown person and be liable to his children.
“Ondaloloka uulayi,” Stated Shikololo in Oshiwambo, meaning he is tired of the nonsense.
“Becoming sober was a personal choice because I felt like I didn’t need to be that kind of a person and I changed. I am destined for greatness and there is more to life than alcohol and parties,” he commented, saying after he left alcohol, he started seeing himself in others and many of his friends that he used to drink with, also rehabilitated.

If there is, one thing that Shikololo wishes he could have done is raising his children and building them a home.
“Due to certain circumstances, I was unable to collect all my children and provide them with a stable home where I could raise them all together, but I still play a significant role in their lives,” said the father of plentiful children.
According to him, he wants his children to grow into responsible citizens and be able to follow what their hearts desire without limitations.
He said, “I don’t want my children to be limited by what the society think is right or normal.”

Current status
Shikololo said he is living a life of testimony and he is using his life experience to touch lives.
He said one thing people don’t know about him is that he’s a motivational speaker.
“I preach to whoever is seeking mentorship and inspiration. I would like to help people realise that nothing in this world can stop them from reaching their goals.” 

2020-07-03  Aletta Shikololo

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