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Empowering entrepreneurs through Mibagu

2022-03-31  Staff Reporter

Empowering entrepreneurs through Mibagu
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Wilhelmina Iimene 


One can have a great idea but if no one knows about it, the idea simply does not exist, hence good marketing is pivotal to the success of any business. These are the sentiments of Roseline Tosun, founder of a new online networking platform, Mibagu, which caters to entrepreneurs in Namibia as well as those in the diaspora.

Translated from Khoekhoegowab, Mibagu means ‘Tell each other’. 

Speaking during the recent launch of the website, Tosun explained Mibagu is a network that brings entrepreneurs, investors, educational institutions and regulatory authorities together. 

“We can help empower entrepreneurs and also expedite the process of employment creation,” she said during the unveiling of the new website. 

Reflecting on the journey leading up to the launch of Mibagu, the entrepreneur said most people with great ideas hold themselves back due to the fear of failure and a lack of funding. 

“We hope to resolve these challenges by providing a space for mentoring by being a portal for information exchange. This is also a platform where farmers can sell their produce and connect with other farmers and agricultural experts,” explained Tosun. 

She expressed hope their platform will encourage entrepreneurs to focus on creating legacy businesses and it will create a culture the current and future youth will be inspired by.

Mibagu’s main focus will be on empowering Namibian entrepreneurs while also illuminating locally-made products by creating special labels on the website for companies that manufacture products within the country.

“The Namibian citizens should become aware of which raw materials are available within Namibia and what can be produced from them.”

“So, we encourage all experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs to come to our platform and help us create a transformation in the job market,” said Tosun.

Also speaking at the Mibagu launch, Diana Namases, the owner and founder of Sage by Dee, which specialises in making customised wrist watches, emphasised the importance of having a website. 

“I came to realise the importance of a website when I started my own. People wanted to see the products, prices and measure the growth of the business,” Namases said. 

The Mibagu website can be accessed at, and it also has a free app that can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS gadgets and Play Store for Android gadgets. Signing up is free, and it is easy and friendly to use. 


2022-03-31  Staff Reporter

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