• September 20th, 2020

Enkali addresses fodder concerns

OMUTHIYA - The Oshikoto regional council says it plans to cease distribution of fodder beyond the current available batch following a lack of interest from local farmers. 

New Era yesterday reported that the recent good rains have spoilt drought relief fodder stored at the regional council, as some registered farmers had seemingly abandoned the programme. The regional council has also been struggling to distribute the fodder because of transport challenges. 

Chief regional officer Frans Enkali yesterday said they would write to the Office of the Prime Minister to request that the government halt the delivery of additional fodder. “Instead such can be diverted to other regions that are still affected by drought so that government resources cannot be left to waste, as our farmers feel the rain has brought sufficient grass for their livestock,” added Enkali. 

Enkali, who acknowledged that the fodder was indeed rotting, was quick to point out that they have instructed the driver to source quotations to buy new tyres so that the distribution process continues. 
“The grass was delivered on 7 January, so it is just a matter of the worn out tyres, which once fixed we will continue allotting to interested farmers in other areas, who are on the beneficiary list. 

At the moment, we did receive the quotations but some obligatory documents are still missing from the suppliers as per the Procurement Act requirement. When such is furnished the procurement committee will sit as a matter of urgency to see which supplier qualifies so that tyres can be bought and the distribution process can begin,” said Enkali.  

“Once the situation is resolved we will finish distributing the available grass, then we will not receive any other consignment again. There is nothing like leaving the fodder to rot, no!” 

Obrien Simasiku
2020-01-16 07:30:58 | 8 months ago

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