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Exit announces ‘The Silence’ release date…first Hip-hop album about to drop

2021-07-20  Staff Reporter

Exit announces ‘The Silence’ release date…first Hip-hop album about to drop
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David Shikalepo, well known as Exit, is one of Namibia’s most controversial artists. The musician has no time to be nursing celebrities’ feelings.

As many would say, he says it with his chest because he is not afraid to speak his mind. It seems like he is never deterred by negativity and he keeps his head high – he keeps his energy focused on securing the bag. 

Since Exit gained his fame, he has carved out a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Exit has earned a reputation as one of the country’s talented lyricists, whose work has been widely acclaimed in the country. With his fame reaching new heights, he remains relevant by releasing good music for his legion of fans.

The musician recently shook everyone after dropping a bombshell that he has decided to throw in the towel. 

He tweeted:Good News Or Bad News? Okay! The Bad News is: 1… I’m officially working on my businesses officially from now on, hands-on. 2…My kids want daddy, so I will not be recording for one and a half years. Good News: I will perform if you can afford me and my family. 

He maintained that his Hip-hop album will be released, and he is definitely sticking to his promise. Taking to his Twitter account, he revealed that he will be releasing the album next month on the 31st of August. It took a lot of convincing, a young family feud, but Yes! the answer is YES!! We drop EXIT’s 1st Hip-hop Album on the 31st of August! It’s called #TheSilence. Updates on the production team in due course... It’s studio time fam’! Whuuu!! Can’t wait!!.  His recent album, ‘Die Hele Box’, has been a huge success. Exit, DJ Kboz and Samuel Ngodji were the creative minds behind the masterpiece, ‘Die Hele Box’. From the moment it was released, people have been talking about it, non-stop, complementing the artists on an amazing job they have done.

Although the release of the album was surrounded by drama after it was leaked on YouTube, Exit came out with guns blazing to slam the culprit: He stepped in the wrong direction. I will make it my mission to arrest his Punk ass. My videos can have 600 000 views and he will have one with 500 000 views as well, meaning I’m a million something views worthy, but stolen by him. I’ll get him! Just watch, said the musician in a Twitter rant. The musicians were later accused of stealing the ‘Die Hele Box’s’ brand. Two artists exposed them on social media, claiming Exit said he would compensate them a whopping 30k for using their brand, but he did not honour his promise.  -

2021-07-20  Staff Reporter

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