• July 16th, 2019
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Facebeat brand, waving the make-up industry

Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek-Twenty-three-year-old Sophia Ndashe, popularly known as Sophie Savage in the make-up industry rose from just an ordinary make-up artist to one of currently four gang of famous beauticians–such as Miss Jey, Anna Hauwanga and Hannah Hangula. She is basically a walking skin and make-up dictionary, with plenty of experience and expertise to show for. Sophie Savage launched her Facebeat brand end of last year, providing a variety of beauty services of make-up art, eyebrow, mascara, cheeks, lips, eyes shadow, eyelash extensions, as well as make-up training for individuals and groups. Striving towards one of the best recognisable make-up artist in the country, Sophie Savage says her secret behind this will just be hard work and creative thinking. Make-up artist is an artist, whose medium is the human body, who applies makeup and prosthetics for the theatre, television, film, fashion, magazines and other similar productions, including all aspects of the modelling industry. Mostly, the role of a makeup artist is to apply makeup to presenters, at photo shoots and weddings. Makeup artists also work on artists who want to film a music video, girls going to parties and other occasions, just for them to look extra beautiful.  Sophie Savage dreams of owning make-up artists training centres countrywide, for upcoming make-up artists. Currently promoting her brand on social media such as Instagram and Facebook, Sophie Savage found her way into these online platforms as she began to promote her art last year. “I believe the desire to wear make-up is not new, on the contrary, there is evidence throughout history of ancient people adorning themselves with colours,” she says. This passionate make-up artist has been trained by Anna Hauwanga, the founder of Beauty by Diva last year. “Being a make-up artist is not an easy option, it requires hard work, enthusiasm and patience,” says the Grootfontein born make-up artist, who is currently operating from Ondangwa, in the northern part of the country.  While young, Sophie Savage started researching, reading a book by different make-up artists to learn tips and tricks on make-ups, and then practicing on her friends. This year, she also want to see her brand (Facebeat) growing into an empire.
New Era Reporter
2018-03-16 14:12:21 1 years ago

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