• May 26th, 2020

Faith organisations taking steps to combat spread of virus

KEETMANSHOOP - Faith-based leaders in the south say they are heeding calls made by the government to curb the further spread of coronavirus. 

Health information sources indicated that members of religious organisations are part of groups that are regarded as more vulnerable to contract the Covid-19 virus by virtue of gathering in masses.
“It is unacceptable and irrational for the general customs and gestures of people to take precedence over sound, reliable and authoritative medical advice that has the purpose of prevention of harm and protection of human life,” said Sheikh Abubakr Desmond Tjipanga, president of the Namibia Judicial Council. 

He furthermore acknowledged the advice given by the Ministry of Health and Social Services not to come into close or physical contact with people displaying symptoms of the coronavirus. “Shaking of hands, hugging and kissing should be avoided,” he advised fellow Muslims.

The religious leader was furthermore adamant that those who appears to have the symptoms of the virus must not attend Friday and congregational praying sessions. 

“The Friday sermon should be brief in duration and those whose attendance is not obligatory at it which includes elderly people, children and sick people should not attend the mosque at any time in the current climate,” Tjipanga emphasised. He furthermore urged followers not to be in close vicinity of those who are ill except for the purpose of treating them as a means of preventing transmission of the virus. 
“One of the most severest and most abominable of actions that people must avoid during this period of tribulation is business owners and suppliers taking advantage of the situation by hoarding essential products in order to raise prices,” the religious leader warned. 

Pastor Andreas Biwa from the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church concurred with the Muslim leader that kissing and hugging should be avoided at all times. “All members must wash their hands with sanitisers as we enter the church,” he advised. Biwa continued that stewards for the purpose of buying hygienic wet wipes for fellow members should assist all pastors. 

“When you cough, use a handkerchief or do it in your elbow or arm provided you wash your hands as soon as possible afterwards,” the religious leader urged fellow believers. Biwa called on churches, as faith-based organisations to pray and fast during this point in time. Government has imposed a 30-day ban on public gatherings of more than 50 people, including religious activities.

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2020-03-19 07:41:00 | 2 months ago

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