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Family of missing woman seeks closure

2020-05-18  Selma Ikela

Family of missing woman seeks closure
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The father of a 22-year-old woman who has been missing for over a month in Walvis Bay said they need closure. Shannon Darlikie Wasserfall’s father Tega Matheus said her daughter always communicated about her whereabouts when she goes out. 
Wasserfall went missing on 10 April this year after having dropped her two-year-old baby at a friend in Kuisebmond, the previous day. Wasserfall wore white shorts and a blue jacket at the time of her disappearance.  The young woman had travelled from Windhoek to Walvis Bay in December 2019 to visit her mother and later ended up staying with her boyfriend. 

“We need closure. For me, I knew if she was somewhere out there, she would have made a plan to either call her sister or my sister’s child. She is open with two or three family members. She would take a phone and call one of the guys and say, ‘I am okay, don’t bother looking for me’, but in this case something could have happened. I seriously don’t know, I am expecting anything good but also preparing for the worst.” The father who lives in the capital said he is planning to drive to Walvis Bay this week. He said his daughter’s friends are also planning a peaceful demonstration from Swakopmund to Walvis Bay where they will hand over a petition to the police this weekend. 

Erongo police crime investigations coordinator Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu said no one has approached the police with information regarding the whereabouts of the missing woman.  He said there have been individual posts on social media platforms regarding her disappearance but nothing has come out of it.  Iikuyu once again called on members of the community, including relatives, to come fourth and present credible information to the police.

2020-05-18  Selma Ikela

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