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Family struggles to bury dog attack victim 

2023-09-27  Festus Hamalwa

Family struggles to bury dog attack victim 

OSHAKATI – The family of Ruben Abraham (44), who died after he was allegedly attacked by five dogs, said the Chinese did not talk to them about whether she will assist with the funeral arrangements.

A sister to the victim, Ndateela Nghipandulwa, said they are financially struggling with the funeral preparations.

“Whoever is willing to assist us is welcome. We do not have money,” she appealed.

She added that police did not provide them with the contact number of the owner of the dogs.

Abraham was taken to Oshakati Hospital on Sunday and died on Monday morning.

Meanwhile, another man was also allegedly attacked by the same dogs the day after the tragedy.

He was treated at the Oshakati Hospital.

On Monday, all dogs were put down by veterinary officials.

A case of culpable homicide was opened against the owner of the dogs, businesswoman Huang Lingyan.

Lingyan owns a tiles and paint shop in Oshakati.

Oshana’s acting regional police commander Theophilus Kamati confirmed that Lingyan was not arrested because the police are still busy with investigations.

“There are procedures that are required to be followed first. It does not mean when a case is opened against someone, that person should be arrested automatically,” he said. 

Nghipandulwa said it is unfair that Lyngyan is not arrested because she failed to take care of her dogs.

“If it was a black person, he would be arrested as soon as possible. Lyngyan deserves to be in custody,” she lamented. 

She added that Abraham left two children, who will not have a father to raise them.

“Now, we are worried that Lyngyan might run away to her country,” she added.

Oshakati Town Council has urged residents to adhere to the Oshakati dog regulation policy, which stipulates that dog owners should ensure they do not own more than two dogs, unless a special permit is issued.

The town’s spokesperson, Katarina Kamari, said all dogs should be within the confinement of the owner’s premises and should be on a leash when in public spaces.

“The dogs should be vaccinated and should also be issued with a dog license, which is issued at the Oshakati Town Council office. Additionally, we urge all residents to remain vigilant and responsible pet owners by adhering to the dog control regulation policy and report any aggressive or dangerous animals to the relevant authorities promptly,” she said.

Kamari added that the council is committed to taking all necessary measures to prevent such incidents in the future, including organising an awareness campaign to educate the public on responsible pet ownership and safety precautions.


2023-09-27  Festus Hamalwa

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