• July 13th, 2020

Father’s agonising search for missing daughter

The father of a 22-year-old woman who has been missing for over a month, travelled from Windhoek to Walvis Bay this past weekend to meet with the police and visit places his daughter had last visited. 
Shannon Darlikie Wasserfall’s self employed father Tega Matheus drove from Windhoek with financial support from family and friends to meet with police investigators.

He said the police informed him they were working tirelessly to get information about his missing daughter and that various police departments are assisting with the ongoing effort. 

Matheus stated, Interpol put up a missing notice on their website which is linked with police associates worldwide. He said a peaceful demonstration which was planned the past weekend could not take place because of strict lockdown regulations.
Wasserfall vanished into thin air on 10 April this year, after having dropped her two-year-old baby at a friend’s house in Kuisebmond the previous day. The young woman had travelled from Windhoek to Walvis Bay in December 2019 to visit her mother and later ended up staying with her boyfriend. 

 “We visited two places she was last seen and to see how the places look like. It’s her friend’s place where she left the baby and where she was staying. I went with my sister to familiarise herself,” the father said.
Police last week released photos of Wasserfall wearing a black top and a jean shorts she allegedly took with her friend’s phone before her disappearance. They also re-ran her missing notice.

In addition, The self employed Matheus said the Covid-19 lockdown has negatively impacted him, especially when he has to travel to search for his missing daughter. He travels with funds given by relatives but said this financial setback will not discourage him. 
“I am not giving up. I am hopeful,” remarked Matheus.
– sikela@nepc.com.na

Selma Ikela
2020-05-26 09:29:08 | 1 months ago

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