• August 20th, 2019
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Floritha ventures into other genres

Art Life, Archived
Art Life, Archived

 By Pinehas Nakaziko WINDHOEK-Female Namibian RnB singer, Floritha Fleermuy is taking the music industry by storm. Her specialty being RnB, she’s fast flexing her muscles to other genres in music is the best part of her. Floritha who hails from the South and is a law student at the University of Namibia is a very humble young lady, yet so powerful with her voice, Not to mention the wide ranges of her voice. She recently participated in this year’s Last Band Standing competition and was the last woman standing reaching the finals of the competition. She was also awarded the Best RnB artist at the this year’s Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs). She just released an 11-track album titled Don’t Judge that took her two and half months to produce. She says the album has the title track song Don’t Judge that brings out stories that we see in everyday lives. The song has probably the most powerful lyrics in the whole album. She sings about a 16- year-old who got pregnant and is judged by people, yet what they do not know is how she got pregnant. “She could have been raped, or she could have gone through difficult life challenges. Similarly, there is another story about a man with HIV who is judged. Yet, people don't know how he got the disease,” says Floritha adding that the song also describes a person living in the streets, yet people judge him not knowing how he ended up in the streets.  “Morale of the story is that you should not judge, because you do not know how a person got into these situations,” she says.   The whole album is really good. With a Kizomba mix such as the song Ndimenenge, featuring M-Jay, it portrays a young man asking for forgiveness from a young lady for all his wrong doings and promises his love for her. Track 4, Huisen, a Ma /gaisa encourages young women to get up and work for themselves and not fall into the trap of social evils. Even though the world has so many challenges they could still stand up for themselves and live a good life. Track 10, Just a friend, featuring Jericho, a Hip-Hop RnB song gives out a take issue with a guy’s jealousy over his girlfriend’s  closeness  to other guys as friends. However, the song Queen of the night, written by Berthold, is directed  towards young women going out partying but wants to be left alone.  “The different between the previous album is that, the first album titled, I owe it all to you, was more an RnB album, but this one is quite diverse since it includes Ma /gaisa, Kizomba, Rock, House and many more genres. The underlying theme of the album is inspiration  as it encourages people to strive for the best, and not to lose hope. It also discourages of domestic violence and conflicts,” says Floritha. Floritha adds that next year they want to travel to the Coast and have a tour up north as well. Floritha will also be busy with videos of the new tracks from this album.  “We want to thank Antonio of Done Deal Records where we recorded the album. Also, M-jay, Elvo, Bethold and Steven who produced the songs. But also the artist that we feature on the album, Jericho, Mjay and Loxer,” she ends thankfully.      
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2013-12-20 12:52:42 5 years ago

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