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Foreign witchdoctor fined N$6 000 for overstaying

2021-06-10  Aron Mushaukwa

Foreign witchdoctor fined N$6 000 for overstaying
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A 41-year-old Zambian witchdoctor who has allegedly been conducting healing processes around the Zambezi region, was fined N$6 000 in the Katima Mulilo Magistrate’s Court on Monday. 

Zambezi police spokesperson Kisco Sitali told New Era that Chimbinde Chilimbwe was arrested at Liselo, where he was conducting
his sessions, on Friday evening at around 21h00. He was subsequently charged for contravening the Immigration Act 7 of 1993 for working without a valid work

“He was brought in at the request of a family who needed his services, and who had obtained a letter from a traditional authority. He was just supposed to help the family and go back, but he started going from village to village and operating without a work permit. That is why he was arrested,” explained Sitali. 

He further advised those who wish to come and work in the country to follow procedures, or the long arm of the law will catch up with them. Chilimbwe was released on Tuesday after he paid the fine, and was given 48 hours to go back to Zambia. 

The Zambian witchdoctor became a popular figure when he performed at Macaravani West, where he reportedly caught witches and unearthed their witchcraft materials. 

He was also scheduled to perform at other villages, including Kasheshe, where he was expected on Sunday before his arrest.

2021-06-10  Aron Mushaukwa

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