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Former music exec releases online book

2020-06-12  Strauss Lunyangwe

Former music exec releases online book

Stalin Kay real name Stalin Kapembe, the man behind the famous RV Inc label helped shape the career of Rizzy and produced notable music videos for most of the artists in the country back in the day has recently released an online book for businesses.

The book titled ‘21 Hot Actionable Ideas for Growing Your Business Online’ is not exactly — a book, he explained to Entertainment Now! He said It’s an actionable plan, with ideas you can use right now to start growing your business on the internet based on his journey. Moving online provides a lot of benefits, like saving time and money. I know that we are going through a rough patch right now. A terrible time for some more than others but smart people are profiting regardless.
 I’m sorry, but history will repeat itself, he explained.

He believes that artificial intelligence is taking over and soon everything, as we know it, will be automated. With a lot of jobs becoming irrelevant.

‘’Now is the time to start working towards the life of your dream. One sale at a time! My vehicle for surviving and thriving through these difficult times and beyond is to use the power of Marketing + Music + Technology to achieve exponential growth online,’’ he narrated.

The once bubbly producer decided to help other businesses because he was on a quest to discover how other entrepreneurs and business owners can overcome these tough challenges they face at the moment.

Life has taught Stalin that the only way you remain relevant is by not being comfortable. ‘’Being comfortable is the biggest lie ever told. We are meant to explore, to learn more about each other. So, in short, I left to become Stalin Kay. I had given more to others than I had given myself. It was time for me,’’ he confessed.

In 2008, he started Stalin Kay and began his Marketing Music and Technology (MMTPreneurial) journey. In 2010, he created and released his first mobile app and returned to varsity in 2013. Download your free actionable plan at, if you want to discover how to start growing your business online, he promised.

2020-06-12  Strauss Lunyangwe

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