• July 20th, 2019
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Former Okalongo Councillor interred


Helvy Shaanika Oshakati-Former Councillor of Okalongo Elizabeth Muanyangapo–Ndipanda was laid to rest at her home village of Okalongo on Saturday. Muanyangapo died on Sunday September 3, at MediClinic in Windhoek after a period of illness. She was 67. Chairperson of Omusati Regional Council Modestus Amutse, who worked with her as a fellow councillor between 2010 and 2015 described the late Muanyangapo as a very quiet person, who always strived for peace and unity. “She has been a member of Omusati Regional Council Management Committee. Whenever she gave her contributions, she would always focus on issues of mutual concern. Other people (councillors) would focus on their constituencies, but she would focus on regional concerns,” Amutse said. He further said from 2010 Muanyangapo remained the only woman in the management committee, and that was until 2013 when she recused herself from the committee. “She never liked gossip; she preferred to focus on issues that unify and if there is something she is not clear about, she would seek clarity on a private platform. She was the only woman amongst us and we liked her a lot,” he said. After stepping down as councillor to pave way for the youth, Muanyangapo continued to be active on public platforms and from time to time advised her comrades on developmental issues. She was recently admitted at MediClinic Hospital in Windhoek, where she later died. She is survived by her husband, Robison Vateleni Ndeipanda, six children and 15 grandchildren.
New Era Reporter
2017-09-11 09:26:13 1 years ago

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