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From Swapo regional mobiliser to governor

2020-04-14  Staff Reporter

From Swapo regional mobiliser to governor

Steven Klukowski

KEETMANSHOOP – At one moment she was part of the Swapo Party’s administration structures in the 
//Khras region, but within the wink of an eye, her whole life underwent a massive turnaround. 
“I was first thinking I’m dreaming, but then reality sank in that I just became the next governor for my beloved //Kharas region,” said a jubilant Aletta Fredericks, 38 who was appointed as one of eight new regional governors last week by President Hage Geingob.

During an exclusive interview with New Era, the politician explained that politics is not something new to her. “I started as section secretary for the Theo Ben Gurirab Swapo Party branch in Bethanie and was then elected in 2010 as chairperson of the Bethanie Local Authority Council, whilst my uncle was also part of the Namibian National Students Organisation (Nanso) leadership in the past,” said Fredericks. She went on that she became Swapo’s //Kharas regional information and mobilisation officer in 2017, a position she occupied before being appointed as governor.

In terms of working experience, Fredericks explained she previously worked as community activist for an NGO and for community-based organisations and in addition as health assistant for the Ministry of Health and Social Services.
“My (late) mother should have shed tears of joy today for me being appointed in such an important position,” said the newly appointed governor. She also said her proud relatives have expressed their heartfelt congratulations and promised to support her in any way possible in her new role. 

Fredericks gave assurance that she is ready to take up her position as political head of the region and she believes she can make a resounding success of it with the support and assistance of the political leadership structures in //Kharas.
Former //Kharas regional governor Lucia Basson regarded the President’s decision in appointing Fredericks as a step in the right direction, empowering the youth. When congratulating the new governor, she said this was a call answered by the President to the Nama population in their plea for representation at the highest levels of governance in the 
//Kharas region. 

“Aletta, as a daughter of the soil of our region has all the needed political experience required for her new role, since she was already involved in many party political structures and also working on several levels of service delivery,” she noted.
Basson said she will be always willing to assist and advise the new governor should need arise. 
“You must always strive to be a servant of all residents in the region, regardless of their political affiliation, status or beliefs,” she advised Fredericks. She said it is important for a regional governor to always listen to his or her people. 
Basson also said that it is imperative that her followers should work in close cooperation with all stakeholders in the region. “If you isolate yourself, you may fail in your duty, but if you work together with your team, success will be guaranteed,” the former governor advised Fredericks.

She further cautioned the governor to stand firm on her ground, not allowing others to dictate to her on how she should execute her roles and functions as the political head of the region. 
“At times you will not be in favour of others when making decisions for the betterment of all residents, but remain assertive as this will at times be a challenge to face,” said Basson.

2020-04-14  Staff Reporter

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