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Gang guilty of sexually violating a woman

2022-03-30  Maria Amakali

Gang guilty of sexually violating a woman

The Windhoek High Court yesterday convicted two men of sexually violating a woman at Otjorukune Reserve in the Gobabis area in 2017. 

Jan Gemeng and Godlieb Rapanka Katuuo were each found guilty on a charge of rape. 

However, Judge Naomi Shivute found that the State failed to prove its case against Gemeng and Katuuo on a count of assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm and two charges of rape, respectively. 

According to Shivute, no evidence was presented in court to indicate that the duo compelled each other to rape the victim. 

“With regards to count 10 of assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm, no direct evidence was adduced as to whether the assault preceded the sexual act, or it was committed thereafter,” the judge added. 

Having convicted the pair, Shivute ordered for them to be detained at the Windhoek Correctional Service. Gemeng and Katuuo were earlier out on warning. They are expected to return to court on 8 April for pre-sentencing arguments. 

They were on trial for allegedly assaulting and taking turns to rape a woman at Otjorukune on 17 June 2014.

It is alleged that the complainant was at a bar with her boyfriend and two other friends. The accused were said to be in the same bar.

They allegedly attacked her while she was walking home alone from the bar.

Her boyfriend, who heard her screaming, tried to help her. But the pair reportedly assaulted him and managed to chase him away.

It was further alleged that the two accused continued to assault the complainant until she was too weak to offer any resistance, and then gang-raped her.

After Gemeng and Katuuo finished with their dastardly deed, they pulled the complainant into some bushes and left her there.

The two were initially charged alongside Tjaava Ebson, but he was acquitted by the court due to a lack of evidence.


Caption: (Rape convicts) Guilty… Rape convicts Jan Gemeng, Tjaava Ebson (acquitted) and Godlieb Rapanka Katuuo. 

Photo: Nampa

2022-03-30  Maria Amakali

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