• February 24th, 2020

Gazza, Sunny Boy smoke the peace pipe ...As Sunny gears up for Gazza’s Milli Concert

WINDHOEK - It was no secret when GMP and Mshasho fans and artists chose alliances in favour of one or the other back then. In the middle of it all, music sensation Sunny Boy sided with The Dogg (now King Tee Dee) when things turned ugly between the two record labels.

Years down the line, Sunny Boy and Gazza have matured enough to call a truce to the long-ending beef, which tore them apart when they recorded their hit song ‘Koko’ 12 years ago.

Gazza informed Entertainment Now! that the two have met previously over the years to consider making music together again. “Sunny knew Morocky (King Tee Dee) before me, so when sides were picked back then. It was obvious he would side with his friend. After that, we have been speaking a lot, meeting here and there. It was not difficult for me to ask him to be at my show tomorrow even though he has another show lined up the same night,” explained Gazza.

Gazza, who recently returned from the United Kingdom, told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that he had adopted a new approach of minding his own business and avoiding unnecessary beef moving forward. ‘‘When I said that in the UK, I had already been practising it ‑ good energy, good vibes me type of movement. That was just me seeing that is working because I surround myself with positive people, giving out positive energy,” he said.

On his part, Sunny Boy said the past is the past and that their issues were resolved a long time ago. “As a fellow artist, to celebrate his million views is a great achievement. Everything aside, it’s always about supporting each other because we’re doing it for the cause of the country and the industry at large,” he commented.

Asked if they will be performing ‘Koko together for the first time in over a decade, Sunny replied. ‘‘You should come to the show to see yourself. If you remember properly, it used to be fireworks every time we performed the song. It will be history in the making. Otherwise, if you don’t...you snooze, you lose,” he hinted.

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2019-08-02 08:06:43 | 6 months ago

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