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Geingob praises anti-secessionism group

2019-11-19  Aron Mushaukwa

Geingob praises anti-secessionism group

KATIMA MULILO – President Hage Geingob has commended the newly-formed Namibians Against Secessionism group in Zambezi region for its stance in condemning the activities of pro-secessionists in the  region, where there was a short-lived uprising in 1999 that was crushed by the army.

“We are happy to hear that some of you came together here to say you are going to demonstrate (against secessionists). Young people you are too quiet here, don’t be quiet. Honourable Muyongo is being heard, where are the others, the majority of those who reject secession? You must be heard and I am glad you want to demonstrate. We want peace,” said the Head of State. 

Geingob made these remarks while addressing thousands of Swapo supporters and sympathisers at a rally held in Katima Mulilo on Saturday. 

He reiterated the exiled leader of the banned United Democratic Party (UDP) Mishake Muyongo, being a member of the Constituency Assembly had publicly stated that Namibia is a unitary state.

“Mishake Muyongo said the following: ‘Namibia is a unitary state, sovereign and democratic. What we understand by a unitary state is that Namibia is a state that abides by principles of territorial integrity, and rejection of secession,’ this is the person who said this and it’s the same person who is trying to confuse the people,” said Geingob. 

“He was participating in Windhoek not here in Katima. He was talking from there as a Namibian and talking about a unitary state that Namibia is one. Not to be divided, no secession. We therefore reject secession,” said Geingob.

He further stated those who had fled the country following the upraising of 1999 wasted their precious and productive time in Botswana. He also stated he was glad that they have now come back, and he called on all residents of the Zambezi region to welcome them with open arms.

 He however cautioned the Dukwe returnees “not to try to cause trouble. Let’s maintain peace, you are back home now, and I am now officially welcoming you as Namibians.”

At the same event he condemned critics who say the Zambezi is underdeveloped as he said massive progress has taken place since independence. Among others, he stated that various health centres have been constructed, while 14 new schools were also constructed under the Swapo-led government that also initiated various other projects.

 “It is wrong for some people to tell you that nothing has been done. I have been here since 1989, I have been watching the development. I came in Hage Geingob Street, it is a street with shopping areas and so on, and you are saying nothing has been done. This place was a small village when I came in 1989 here, but today you can see it has changed,” stressed Geingob.

Geingob however admitted that “there are shortcomings, such as people living in squatters. We have declared war against poverty, we want our people to have affordable decent houses…that is the commitment we are giving as Swapo, and only Swapo government can achieve it, only Swapo can maintain peace and stability, and only Swapo can unite our people.” 

2019-11-19  Aron Mushaukwa

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