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Getting closer to ‘The Edge’

2020-11-27  Aletta Shikololo

Getting closer to ‘The Edge’

Seasoned actor and producer Dalton Ashikoto has gone one up in ploughing back into the local television and film industry by creating a brand-new series titled ‘The Edge’. 
The series is mainly centred on power and ambition while softened by elements of love as well as family ties and the ‘House of God.’ 

Ashikoto himself plays the main character who seems to be a powerful and ruthless ‘man of the cloth’ in a world characterised by money laundering and backstabbing while always having to look over his shoulder. 
According to him, the series trails the main character Papa K as he schemes from his church’s pulpit into underhand activities, with showing utter disregard for the welfare of anyone who dares to stand in his way. 

Papa K is a tyrant who brings new meaning to the term ‘nouveau riche’, with his ability to move with stealth between the outwardly legit business empire and the underhand shenanigans at the church. 
Dalton said the production of the series is intended as a direct reply to government’s call for the citizenry and the private sector’s involvement in the development of the arts.

“It is on this basis that we intend to produce high-quality work which will compete in the global market. Through the stylish and sophisticated setting, along with a cast of homebred actors, some of whom are internationally acclaimed, there is no reason why the series should not work well globally to achieve the objective, which is to further expose Namibia to the world,” Ashikoto added. 

The local actors include Barbara Kahatjipara, Odile Gertze, Edo ‘Dice’ Lutete, Obed Emvula, Maria Nepembe, Gino Ashikoto, Cheez Uahupirapi and Jeremiah Ndjoze, who also doubles as the script editor and supervisor. 
Ndjoze says that the series is significant to the current trends in the Namibian society. “The storyline speaks to what happens when wealth and power become so central in people’s lives, that they disregard the very essence of life in general.”
“Consequently, enemies abound and their trust in those around them begins to wane. Who has their back, and who doesn’t, becomes the basis of their existence, mostly, to the detriment of the masses,” Ndjoze said. 

The series is directed by Leon Mubiana who said  ‘The Edge’ will not only allow audiences to experience the unique charm of Windhoek today, but tackle decisive societal issues such as corruption, industry collusions as well as the current lifestyles of the haves and have-nots. 

The pilot project was produced by Dash Studios and the series is set to hit early next year with the trailer coming out in December. 
Ashikoto is urging corporate and government agencies to come on board with much-needed assistance with the final product expected to be streamed via international content distribution platforms. 

2020-11-27  Aletta Shikololo

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