• July 20th, 2019
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Goraseb calls for a constitutional review on football

WINDHOEK. – Retired Brave Warriors midfielder Lolo Goraseb says the only possible measure to get Namibian football out of the quagmire in which the country’s football governing body currently finds itself entangled is to amend the Association’s fragile constitution.

The outspoken Goraseb, who is the incumbent Chairman of the much-despised Namibia Football Players Union (NAFPU), strongly believes the current status quo would remain intact unless tangible changes are effected to the fragile Namibia Football Association (NFA) Constitution to open the door for suitable potential candidates to enter the race for positions within the top echelons of domestic football.

“There is an urgent need to broaden the scope of the Electorate because the current system is open to corruption and manipulations. We need a new direction in voting rights and do away with current voting pattern that restricts members from casting their votes.”

As it stands, the 14 second divisions are allocated one vote each, followed by three national first division with two votes each, NPL (4) votes, Referees, Coaches, Players Union and Women Football one vote apiece – thus bringing the total number of votes to 28.

“Initially, we were not keen on entering the fray under those conditions but were sadly afraid to be locked out because the NFA wanted to establish its own Players Union and this is exactly were the danger of manipulation comes in. 
“The current status quo is certainly not healthy for the ultimate development of the game because coaches, referees and women football, are all captured by the country’s football presiding body, NFA, suggesting for the statutes to be amended in order to allow all stakeholders to cast their votes. 

“The voting pattern is hopelessly outdated, people are voting leaders into vital positions without thinking about the consequences. Each and very club should have a voting right in substance to the role they play.”
He further proposes potential candidates to be given able time to lobby and present their credentials or alternatively lay out their blueprint. 

“We cannot elect people into positions without qualifications, there should be a set requirements for potential candidates and this can only happen if we change the electoral code, allowing the referees, women football and coaches to become Independent associate members in order to make their own decisions, concludes the former Brave Warriors midfield general 

Carlos Kambaekwa
2018-11-13 10:29:16 8 months ago

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