• June 5th, 2020

Gravel and Dirt MTB Marathon Series concludes

WINDHOEK – The 2019 Gravel and Dirt MTB Marathon Series came to a successful end with the annual awards ceremony that took place last weekend.

A phenomenal year of racing, which saw riders from all over the country participating in seven events that brought unique challenges to the table for the respective participants. They took on the coast, traversed the Ugab Terrace and persevered over the blistering Gobabis heat, competing not only against the elements but also against the best MTB riders that Namibia has to offer.

This year saw the Gravel and Dirt MTB Marathon Series reach new heights, firmly establishing itself as one of the most popular events on the Namibian calendar, with thousands of cyclists lining up over the last couple of months to compete.

Most of the major teams were represented by their champion riders, taking on full and half marathons at each event. Upcoming riders also had the opportunity to learn and grow alongside their heroes, as they participated in various youth events.

The overall series winners, based on their total accumulated points across all races was Drikus Coetzee and Irene Steyn. Their achievements over the last year once again stands to show the level of professionalism and talent that Namibia has to offer. 

Meanwhile, Hollard Namibia announced their continued support for the Gravel and Dirt MTB Marathon Series as the main sponsor, ensuring not only better futures for Namibians at large, but also ensuring that the next three years will see the Gravel and Dirt MTB Marathon Series become a household name, synonymous with the successes MTB cyclists have achieved locally, as well as on international platforms.

But at the end of the day, the 2019 Gravel and Dirt champions were crowned, celebrating their achievements in the various categories.

The various winners are as follow:

Junior Women Half Marathon

  1.              Laura Engling
  2.              Monique du Plessis
  3.              Lene du Plessis

unior Men Half Marathon

  1.              Bergran Jensen
  2.              Adrian Key
  3.              Anton Engling

Open Women Half Marathon

  1.              Claudia Suren
  2.              Martina Gaike-Neuburg
  3.              Sandra Lippert

Open Men Half Marathon

  1.              Marnus Lemmer
  2.              Roland Neuburg
  3.              Hugo Hahn

Grand Master Men

  1.              Peter Sander
  2.              Hercules Viljoen
  3.              Bernhard Volkman


Grand Master Women

  1.              Elke Jagua
  2.              Berrit Graf

Master Women

  1.              Karen Brockmann
  2.              Kerstin Klein
  3.              Barbara Ackermann

Master Men

  1.              Sarel Boshoff
  2.              Niels Serrer
  3.              Johann Liebenberg


  1.              Fana Lambert
  2.              Morne Honiball
  3.              Volker Engling

eteran Women

  1.              Irene Steyn
  2.              Johanita de Waal
  3.              Elanor Grassow

Veteran Men

  1.              Clinton Hilfiker
  2.              Marcel Suren
  3.              Allan Vivier

Sub Veteran Women

  1.              Courtney Liebenberg
  2.              Marguerita Maritz
  3.              Jeanne Heunis

Sub Veteran Men

  1.              Ingram Cuff
  2.              Frederick Van Greunen
  3.              Jurgen Sander

Elite Women

  1.              Marion Schonecke
  2.              Michelle Vorster
  3.              Michelle Doman

ite Men

  1.              Drikus Coetzee
  2.              Xavier Papo
  3.              Alex Miller


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