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Haimbodi seeks an internship opportunity

2021-07-21  Festus Hamalwa

Haimbodi seeks an internship opportunity

Paulus Shikongeni Haimbodi, a final year Bachelor of Accounting student at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST), is in dire need of an internship to enable him to graduate. 

Haimbodi (24) says he has been applying since last year July for an internship at various companies and ministries but he could not get any.  

“During my academic years at NUST, I have studied a wide range of subjects in-depth that have given me the knowledge I need to be successful in the field,” he told Youth Corner, adding that he has strong mathematical abilities and accounting knowledge. 

Haimbodi further said he pays very close attention to detail and has the ability to solve complex financial issues.

“I possess strong analytical skills. My oral and written communication skills are stellar. I perform well in fast-paced environments,” he explained.

Haimbodi said he needs internships because these are beneficial and will help him develop his professional aptitude, strengthen personal character and provide a greater door to opportunities. 

He cannot graduate if he does not do an internship as per the institution’s regulations.  

“Life is not easy for me; sometimes, I find myself in a situation of depression just because of an internship that I do not have. I have visited many companies and some government offices, which cost me transport and photocopy fees.”

Haimbodi is willing to do an unpaid internship as long as he is gaining experience, which will help him to graduate this year.

“I am studying accounting because I like mathematics. I have been doing accounting since Grade 8 and I want to fulfil my dream of working in a bank.”

In the meantime, Haimbodi remains determined towards his passion, despite the challenges he is facing.

“Go through challenges to gain power; do not lose your focus on what is important in life because one day you will thank yourself for not giving up,” he advised.

Haimbodi can be contacted at or +264 81 571 802 30.


2021-07-21  Festus Hamalwa

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