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Herder stumbles on human remains

2020-04-20  Eveline de Klerk

Herder stumbles on human remains

Eveline de Klerk 

WALVIS BAY – A police investigation is underway after the discovery of human skeletal remains at farm De Rust about 65 kilometres from Uis in the Erongo region. A herder made the shocking discovery last week Thursday. Police now suspect the human remains could be one of the three men that went missing while travelling from Gobabis to the Brandberg mountains and were reportedly last seen walking in the direction of Uis after the car they had hired ran out of fuel. 

Erongo Police crime investigations coordinator Erastus Iikuyu said they visited the area where the remains were discovered and found a blanket, boots, socks, dark blue cap, red overall, a bag and some few scattered bones, intestines and a lower jaw. 

“The description of the clothing matched one of the three men reported missing in Uis last month. However, a forensic investigation will be conducted to determine the identity of the deceased amongst the three missing persons,” he said. 

According to Iikuyu, it is suspected the victim was attacked and killed by wild animals. The three men: Uniseb David (36), Kheinamseb Abraham (35) and Sean Sarel Gomiseb (26) were reported missing on 23 March when they failed to reach their destination. 

Iikuyu further explained the trio allegedly paid a man to drive them to Brandberg to dig for precious stones. The driver of the car had earlier told the police the trio decided to walk towards the Brandberg mountains after the car ran out of fuel. He also said they had earlier encountered lions and elephants in the area while searching for a road.

 “As a result, they apparently turned back on their tracks and ran out of fuel. The trio, the next morning, decided  to walk back in the direction of Uis to go find help but they never reached the town or the farm /Aruxa-Ams,” Iikuyu explained. 

He added that the driver and his uncle stayed behind with the vehicle and were taken to Uis by a passing vehicle to get fuel and also alerted the police, who immediately started searching for the men. 



2020-04-20  Eveline de Klerk

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