• August 18th, 2019
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Hunger for land in Windhoek remains high


Windhoek - The demand for residential land in Windhoek remains high as is proven by the fact that the City received over 4 000 applications for land after it advertised for expressions of interest in 100 residential and zoned erven in Khomasdal’s new Extension 16. Overall, the City’s backlog waiting list for serviced residential erven stands at more than 26 000 applicants and this includes the 14 000 applications submitted under the Affirmative Repositioning AR mass land application campaign two years ago. The 4 000 applications deadline for offer to purchase was on October 21 but the City extended it to October 31. City of Windhoek spokesperson Joshua Amukugo told New Era that the overall figure of applications received is still being sorted as the 4 000 applications is only for forms received during the first deadline (October 21). Amukugo stated that until the figures are availed to Council they cannot disclose them to the public because this is part of the ongoing verification and data capturing process which is underway. After a submission made to council and then such a report will become public knowledge once it is resolved as it is usually the case, Amukugo said. When asked if the method of sale and offer to purchase are fair, given the number of 100 erven on offer compared to the 4 000 applications received, Amukugo explained that the method gives a fair chance to each applicant. “It is a condition of the acceptance of offer that an average between highest and lowest offer above upset price will be calculated for allocation according to the formula, which is the (a) is the highest offer, (b) is the lowest offer at or above upset price and (c) is the upset price. The last offer (d) is the average between highest offer and lowest offer. Amukugo noted that all offers above the average upset price would not be considered. He further explained that if no offer received matches the average between highest and lowest offer price, the offer immediately below the average would be considered. In addition when asked how the City intends to avail more land, Amukugo responded the City will continue to provide service land as it becomes available, saying: “It should be noted that the challenges of serviced land scarcity cannot be addressed at once but with time. This is a process that is mostly challenged by the availability of developable land itself and financial resources to meet the demand.”
New Era Reporter
2016-11-09 10:40:54 2 years ago

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